Silicone Tablet Stand for Kitchen / Office (Red/Silicone)

$ 42.00 SGD


Tablet stand for home chefs is a smart and versatile mobile tablet platform for home.۬

۬This product has been especially designed to fit into the kitchen environment and its demands for modern home chefs who look up recipes on their tablets/iPads.۬

۬Place your iPad in this cook book stand, look up and follow the recipe while cooking.۬Your iPad can be placed both standing and lying down. Tablet Stand's soft and non-slip surface makes tablet securely rest on top without sliding off.۬ 

۬Tablet Stand makes surfing easy and gaming becomes more accessible. Place e.g. on bedside table or in the office next to your computer. WithTablet Stand it has never made more sense to follow recipes, watch movies, write and surf.۬ 

Tablet Stand is simple to clean, either by hand or machine wash.۬To meet demand of food safety, Tablet Stand is entirely made from food grade recyclable silicone. ۬ 

۬Fits all iPad model 1-3

Available in multiple colours.


Product Specifications
COLOR: White
MATERIAL: Silicone
DIAMETER : 11,4 cm (4 7/16")
HEIGHT : 4,5 cm (1 3/4")