Soft Soap Saver Flow, White

$ 23.90 SGD


Bosign’s new Soap Saver Flow is a beautiful soft soap dish with a functional design that keeps your soap from water and turning mushy. The runoff spout on the soap dish keeps the soap fresh by the natural runoff of excess water. A raised ridge in the middle allows air to flow freely around your bar of soap. Perfect for your countertop in the bathroom or kitchen. 

• No more mushy soap
• Non-slip silicone
• Soft & Non-breakable
• Extends the longevity of the soap bar
• Accommodates a full-size bar of soap
• Awarded at Formex Formidable 2014

Bosign’s Soap Saver Flow is awarded at Formex Formidable 2014 in Sweden. This Award is established by Formex to encourage and reward the best of Scandinavian Contemporary design.

White. Also available in Lime, Black and Pink. 

Material: Silicone


Width: 13.5 cm (5 5/16")

Depth: 10.5 cm (4 1/8")

Height: 2.5 cm (15/16")