iPad Carrying sleeve, Solid - Red

$ 49.90 SGD $ 39.90 SGD


iPad Carrying Sleeve is a thoughtful yet practical solution for those who seek style and functionality. Camouflage fold-up handles give alternatives to carry your iPad with comfort.

iPad Carrying Sleeve is made from high quality felt material that protects your iPad from scratches and dust.
Fold-up handles are made of leather to provide strength and comfort. Embedded magnets keeps the handles nicely integrated with the sleeve when they are not in use.

Soft padded sleeve body safeguards your iPad against light impact damage. The size of this sleeve gives you room for charger and small items, making it handy to travel with.

Bosign loves design and no exception were made when creating iPad Carrying Sleeve. These attractive iPad sleeves are available in three exciting patterns in a spectrum of colour. The core inspiration in designing theses sleeves was to play with layer, material, pattern and colour to concord a collection to suit different personalities.

For those who like to have the basic and most functional choice, iPad Carrying Sleeve is also available in minimalistic model in a selection of colours.