Hideaway Cable Organiser, Natural, Medium

$ 69.90 SGD


Bosign award-winning Cable Organiser Hideaway collects all chargers and hides cables for various electronic equipment such as mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, etc. in a nice way.

• Hiding cords, power strips and adapters
• Keeps cables and power strips
• Flame retardant plastic
• Lid click- feature keeps cords, chargers in place in the box
• Silicone Feet on the box's bottom prevents the floor
• Attracts less dust and makes cleaning easier
• International prize winners! - Global Innovation Award (GIA)

With Hideaway you can easily avoid any cable clutter at home or in the office. The family all chargers stored in one place and you do not have to look for them.Additionally, an easy to clean solution to your cable problems at home or at the office.

Hideaway is designed with thoughtful details such as a lowered lids where all things are secure. Hideaway is equipped with silicone feet to be added steadily and not scratch the floor, shelf or table. Housing bottom has ventilation holes and the material is flame retardant. The lid is designed with a click function to keep cords, chargers etc. in place. With its simple and clean design can stand in front, visible and accessible.

Hideaway Medium is a slightly larger model for the floor, a sideboard or a shelf. In the box provided the space for grounded and ungrounded power strips (up to 6-way). NOTE! May vary depending on the brand and manufacturer. Fits a power strip of a maximum length of 23.5 cm.

Put your power strip in the box and pull the cord through one of the holes in the bottom, insert your charger. When you want to charge your mobile phone or put it only on the lowered lid and pull the cord through the opening.

Bosign was awarded the Global Innovation Award (GIA) for best product design for Hideaway Cable Organiser of the international home and furnishings Trade Fair (IHHS) in Chicago in 2012.

Product Specifications

MATERIAL: PP, ABS, silicone

WIDTH: 30 cm

DEPTH: 18 cm

HEIGHT: 13.5 cm