Hideaway Cable Organiser, Black, Medium

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Hideaway Cable Organiser, Black, Medium

Bosign’s awarded Cable Organiser Hideaway collects all chargers and hides cables from different electronic equipment like cell phones, iPods, iPads, digital cameras etc. in a tidy way.

With Hideaway you can neatly avoid all cable tangles, both at home and in your office. The whole family can store their chargers in one place and not have to look for them. Moreover, it is an easy-to-clean solution for your cables at home and in the office.

Hideaway is designed with carefully considered details like a lowered lid where all items lie safely and provides a delicate storage place. Hideaway has feet made of silicone for stability and to prevent scratches on floors, shelves or tables. The bottom of the drawer has ventilation holes and the material is fireproof. The lid is designed with a click function to keep cords, chargers etc. in place. With its simple and pure design, it is decorative and easy to reach.

Hideaway comes in two sizes; Medium and X-Large. 

Hideaway Medium is a slightly larger model for floors, a side table or a shelf. The box fits grounded and non-grounded multi-way outlets (max 6-way). Note: This can vary depending on product and manufacturer. Fits one multi-outlet with a maximum length of 9.2 inches.

Put your multi-outlet in the box and pull the cord through any of the holes in the bottom, then connect your chargers. When you want to charge your cell phone or MP3-player you just put it on the lowered anti-slip-lid and pull the cord through the opening.

* The Hideaway cable organizer was awarded the Global Innovation Award (GIA) in Chicago for the 'Best Product Design' category at the 2012 International Home + Housewares Show. The Global Innovation Award is a leading housewares industry awards programme that covers both retailers and manufacturers/designers worldwide.

Design: Jonathan Maltz


  • Hides extension leads, plugs and adaptors
  • Keeps your electrical leads and extensions in order
  • Fire retardant plastic
  • Click-function lid keep cords, chargers in place
  • Silicone feet protects the floor

    Product Specifications

    MATERIAL: PP, ABS, silicone

    WIDTH: 30 cm (11")

    DEPTH: 18 cm (7 1/16")

    HEIGHT: 13.8 cm (5 3/8")