Dawn, Serene Pod® Scent Diffuser, White

$ 100.00 SGD $ 59.90 SGD


Serene Pod® Dawn, White

The luminous scent shining through the misty cloud A unique design representing the spirit of SERENE HOUSE. Utilizing the materials, DAWN emit a warm light through a semi-transparent cover, just like the start of a new day when the sun is shining through the clouds with a scented breeze.

Serene Pod® Scent Diffuser, a decoration that enhance your surrounding.

Suggested Room Size 
15 - 35m² (161.4 - 376.7sq ft)
Product Size 
Ø 12.9 cm x 9.5 cm H ( Ø 5.1 in x 3.7 in H )

Our patented Serene Pods are now much easier to insert into and remove from our Serene Pod® Warmers.