6.5" Branch Hanger (Lacquered Olive Green)

$ 53.90 SGD $ 50.00 SGD


An exquisite cast-iron hanger shaped as a branch, the Branch Hanger is a decorative solution for those who need to put away towels and bathrobes or organize necklaces, rings and keys. Available in three sizes and an assortment of colours, the Long Branch Hanger, Branch Hanger and Mini Branch Hanger come with hidden screw holders for secure attachment to any wall or surface. Though good as a standalone hanger, the Branch Hanger۪s streamlined and organic design allows a network of hangers to form a tree. Create interesting wall features, let your imagination roam and ignite a sense of wonder with this beautiful yet practical object.

Available in lacquered Black Brown, White, Silver, Grey, Olive Green, Pink & Turquoise.
Also available in Rubber coated Grey and Black.

Product Specifications (Branch Hanger)
MATERIAL: Lacquered cast iron
WIDTH: 8.5 cm (3 5/16")
DEPTH: 6 cm (2 5/16")
HEIGHT: 17 cm (6 11/16")